Wrongful Termination Texas Lawyer

Many employees who are unfairly fired never turn to a lawyer because they feel they cannot afford it. Texas has another limited exception to the employment rule that applies at will. If employees are fired solely because they refused to commit a crime, they may have a valid illegal right to dismissal. Proof that an illegal termination has occurred requires a qualified lawyer. Mr. Atkerson`s practice focuses on labour law. It can help you recover by checking all the necessary documents and creating a solid file. References – How long has the lawyer been practicing? Has the attorney worked on many other cases in Texas where someone was illegally fired? In most cases, the limitation period is 180 from the date of termination of a claim. If you work in Texas, you will file a lawsuit with the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC).

In some cases, the period extends up to 300 days from termination. For this reason, it is important to act promptly after your termination. Be sure to keep as much documentation as possible. In addition, you may have an illegal termination problem if you were fired despite the existence of a written agreement that guaranteed your employment. In some cases, a breach of an oral employment contract may also constitute a serious breach. If you have a contract that specifies a period of employment and you comply with the terms of that employment contract, an employer cannot fire you before your contract expires. If you are dismissed in violation of your employment contract, you may also have a case for an action for unlawful dismissal. If you`re the victim of an illegal dismissal, contact a Texas labor attorney today. Stacy Cole, a dallas labor attorney, represents employees in lawsuits against their employers. A lawyer can help you clarify these and other possible reasons for your unlawful dismissal and defend your rights if your former employer claims that you were fired for legitimate reasons, such as .B as an employee at will. For example, if drugs were cited as the reason for your dismissal and you did not use controlled substances, a lawyer who specializes in illegal termination can help expose that discrepancy to the court. Without the help of a lawyer, it can be incredibly difficult to counter the reasons given by your employer.

An unlawful action for dismissal may be subject to compensation for losses suffered as a result of unlawful dismissal. In calculating your losses, Mr. Atkerson will consider the loss of wages, the loss of work, and the pain and suffering caused by this violation of your rights. Fees – Does the lawyer offer a free consultation? Will the lawyer be paid in advance or after your case is closed? Can the lawyer estimate the total cost of your case? Texas employees who are laid off have few rights compared to their employers because Texas is a state at will. Unlimited employment means that an employer can legally fire employees for no reason, but cannot fire someone for a reason that violates state or federal laws. As a result, employees in Texas have few illegal termination rights. Our labor attorneys in Texas can explain why employees may not be entitled to a termination if they are fired for one of the following reasons: Comfort Level – Are you comfortable sharing personal information with the attorney? Does the lawyer seem interested in solving your problem and providing you with the legal assistance you need? Talking to a Texas labor attorney to discuss your illegal termination request is always in your best interest. These cases are difficult to prove. You will likely need the help of an experienced lawyer to successfully handle the process. Proving that your dismissal is due to illegitimate reasons can be a complicated and delicate issue.

It is likely that any evidence that could be used against that of your employers has been well hidden or never documented. With the help of our Houston labor attorneys and their knowledge of the legal system, including the subpoena order, you may be able to prove that you were unfairly fired for the following reasons: To avoid an illegal dismissal lawsuit, some employers will find false reasons why they fired you. This is called character defamation. You may have a case if your employer defamed you to support their case for dismissal. However, the law provides for exceptions to doctrine at will. These exceptions include both statutory and common law exceptions. Legal exceptions include state and federal laws that prohibit illegal forms of discrimination in the workplace based on an employee`s race, color, national origin, disability, veteran status, and religion. In addition, legal exceptions prohibit an employer, among other things, from retaliating against an employee who complains of unlawful discrimination. Common law exceptions to the At-Will doctrine prohibit employers from violating a contract of employment or dismissing an employee in violation of a particular public policy.

In addition, the law prohibits an employer from dismissing an employee who refuses to violate a criminal law. Contact Stacy Cole, a Dallas labor attorney, if you have a claim against your employer. When looking for various lawyers and law firms working in the field of illegal dismissal and workers` rights, consider the following: However, the employer cannot fire an employee for any reason. If the employer dismisses his employee for an illegal reason, it is called illegal dismissal. Yes. However, taking legal action is usually not the first step. This depends on the circumstances of the alleged unlawful termination. First, you may first need to file an administrative complaint with a government agency. If the employer`s reason for dismissal was unlawful, the employee can assert a claim for unlawful dismissal.

This also applies if the employee is an employee at will. A lawsuit for illegal termination is difficult to pursue alone. To find out if you have a case and start planning your next steps, contact a law firm that focuses on labor law. Maybe your employer has terminated your position due to „performance issues.“ If this is the case, Mr. Atkerson will investigate other employees to determine if they have also been fired for the same performance issues. If Mr. Atkerson can prove that your employer unfairly fired you because of discrimination in the workplace, you may receive a settlement or jury bonus to compensate you for your losses. In general, if there has been discrimination or violation of company policies, you may have a case of illegal termination. Without legal expertise, it can be difficult to determine whether illegal termination laws apply to your claim. Talk to an employment lawyer to find out which categories of employees are protected by law. Our law firm is conveniently located in Allen, TX and is accessible to victims of illegal layoffs from Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, Frisco and other North Texas communities. Texas follows the doctrine of employment at will.

Unless otherwise agreed, the employee or employer may terminate the employment relationship at any time and for almost any reason without notice. This means that in the absence of an employment contract or unlawful discrimination or retaliation in the workplace, an employer can fire an employee for virtually any reason. This comes as a surprise to many employees in Texas. If you`re the victim of an illegal dismissal, contact a Texas labor attorney today. With the help of an experienced illegal dismissal attorney in Texas, you could sue your employer. Sometimes a dismissal is illegal if the employee is fired because he or she speaks a language other than English at work. The exception is when English skills are required to run the business. Another exception is if the employer has advised employees that they must speak English. In this case, they must communicate the consequences of the non-compliance.

There are many advantages to hiring a lawyer for illegal dismissal. Losing your job can be traumatic, especially if you feel the dismissal was illegal. If you think your employer hasn`t followed their own policies, you could have a lawsuit. Your lawyer will review these policies and the circumstances of your termination to consider this possibility. Please select a city to find local lawyers in case of illegal termination in Texas. If the court finds that you were unfairly dismissed, you can receive compensation. Most importantly, you get your job back, get a refund as well as a future salary, get punitive damages or even a promotion. City – Is the law firm ideally located? How far is the business from your home? If you were recently fired and are questioning the legality of your dismissal, Attorney Dan Atkerson in Allen, Texas, can help you investigate the circumstances of your dismissal. There is no shortage of lawyers for illegal layoffs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, but Atkerson has been protecting workers` rights for more than 36 years. If you think you have been unfairly fired, request a free consultation with our firm or give us a call: Dan Atkerson has worked in employment law for over 36 years. During that time, he helped protect many employees in Allen, Dallas, Plano, Frisco, and throughout Texas from harassment, illegal dismissal, and other forms of discrimination in the workplace. .